Thursday, October 1

Article publishing

Hello again! Since I last posted I've got a few articles up on article sites, and apparently I should link to them to get more traffic to them, to get more traffic to here, to them, to here etc...But anyway here they are.

Installing Linux
Netbooks - a short review
Ad placement

Anyway, what's the point in posting on article sites? I hear you say. Well quite a bit of point actually. Mainly for the fact that they increase your search engine ranking because it means you can have one-way backlinks pointing to your site, for free and from reputable sites. The more quality links you have to your site the better ranking you will have. Although some article sites use the 'nofollow' attribute on links - this means that these links will not help your SEO (search engine optimization). I think ArticlesBase does this which is quite selfish and defies half the point of you posting on there.
Secondly you will get traffic to your site directly from these articles. People who land on these articles from another place may read them, enjoy them and then click on your link, generating traffic. This means you get a large amount of targeted traffic.
Overall it is well worth submitting to these sites. These also help on the finer points of SEO, because your link is surrounded by related text and most likely the article site will have a high page rank (PR).
Some of the better article sites include:

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