Monday, October 5

C Cleaner review

In this post I'm going to talk a bit about C Cleaner, a program that deletes internet history and the hidden bits of it that most people don't know exist.
First of all I'll explain exactly what it does. When you delete your internet history on any web browser, it appears to be deleted; and most people ie - an someone untrained in data recovery, couldn't find it again. But if you have sensitive information (I don't but obviously some people do) a trained IT professional, or computer forensics expert can find this again. Yes, there are people trained to find these kind of things. What C Cleaner does is delete this data hidden in places that don't normally get deleted.

Right, the actual program itself. What's it like? Well I find C Cleaner very useful. Even if I just want to make sure no-one finds out what present I'm buying them or whatever, it's good. People who work at companies might like it to delete their secret browsing habits.You can also use it to delete temporary files and unused file extensions to speed up your computer in general. I would highly recommend it to you.
But, just to make sure you know, no program, except military grade data destruction programs will completely erase data from a computers hard drive. What deleting does is basically tell the computer it can overwrite this data - it does not destroy it and it can be found still by people, even after something like C Cleaner is used, although C Cleaner makes it much harder. So if you've been looking for a program like this you should definitely give C Cleaner a go.

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