Friday, October 30

.edu backlinks

Hello again. Now I know I said I'd write a series about the basics of SEO, but I just realised a great way to build quality backlinks. We all know the importance of backlinks, and the better the giver website the better the benefit. Websites with a high PR will give a better quality link than those with a low PR. Also sites with a domain ending in .org or (especially) .edu, give links that are like gold dust. Because they come from a certified authoratitive site, such as .edu site would have to be, they carry a lot of weight. Now to be honest, the only real way you'll get .edu backlinks is by commenting on blogs. But how do I find .edu blogs to comment on?
Well click here and replace the '???' with your search phrase. This will dig out a load of blogs that come from .edu domains, thus giving you great quality links.

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