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HP 2133 netbook review

In my last post I wrote about the new phenomenon of netbooks. The tiny, little dinky laptops. Well here I'm going to review my HP 2133 netbook. It's a great little piece of kit! In my opinion, it's the best 'sub-notebook' in its price bracket. Anyway, on with the review.
First we'll start with the booorrrriiiinnnnggg part - hp 2133 netbookspecifications. The range goes from 512MB of RAM up to 2GB of RAM. I know this sounds small compared to modern computers, but really for reasons I have explained in my last post and others that I will explain, 1GB is actually easily enough. The processor speed ranges from (I think) 1GHz to 1.6GHz, using a Via C-7 processor. You can buy it with 4GB of flash memory - not really enough except for work - or a 160GB hard drive which is more than enough. Supplied operating systems are Windows Vista - for the higher end ones and SUSE Linux for the cheaper ones (although SUSE 10 is now so out of date you need to upgrade to a different operating system. Anyway enough of sounding like an HP advert, here's the proper review.
The look of this thing is amazing. It's is completely aluminium finished, giving it a classy, futuristic look - no tacky plastic to be found here like so many other netbooks. When closed it closes right up like an oyster, almost seamlessly, meaning it looks great open or closed.
Next we'll talk about the actual stuff you use. The keyboard is great - it's '92% full size' and it shows. Many netbooks fall into the pitfall of having a keyboard. that feels squashed in, or having keys that feel to clicky or tacky. HP does none of this. Although this thing is tiny they still manage to fit in a big enough keyboard. It's perfect for tapping out essays and what-not. The touchpad on this thing is good as well. True, manhp 2133 netbook touchpady might say that the keys are weird being on either side of the track pad rather than below it. But seriously I prefer them this way, maybe because this is the only touchpad I use - I don't own another laptop so don't have much experience with traditional trackpads. It may be weird at first but actually feels much more comfortable than others. It is also helped by the addition of a side oriented scroll bar, allowing you to scroll down just by dragging your finger down the side of the pad. Finally included in this package is a 0.3 megapixel webcam, which is to be honest crap, 2 USB ports, an ethernet port, memory card slots and a monitor output.
The 8.9 inch screen at 1280x768 pixels is another great piece of work. It's just right for viewing internet pages and other stuff. Other netbooks, because of the small size of these machines have terrible resolutions which stretch the picture weirdly but the 2133 has it just right. As mentioned before there is a VGA monitor output port but I have not used this at all so cannot comment on it.
The battery on here though is pretty terrible - it's the only thing I don't like about it. It lasts roughly one and a half hours before needing a recharge. Many netbooks can go past two hours so this is a bit of a let down. Although you can buy a six-cell battery for about £45 which gives you much better battery life, but this is only needed if you require long battery life obviously.
Finally this thing comes with with wireless Broadcom 802.11a/b/g connectivity, something which is pretty standard now in netbooks but works fine.
Overall the HP is a great machine that I would recommend to anyone. With prices starting at around £180 for the basic model it's extremely affordable as well. So you don't need to save up that much. You may have noticed I haven't commented on the software on here - that's because you will change it because the OS that came with mine - SUSE Linux was terrible and out of date. I suggest you put on Ubuntu or another Linux distro (free by the way) to get it up to date. But yes, if you're looking for a new addition to you're computing family give the HP a look.
Another review (if you need a second opinion).

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